Call for parallel session proposals

Behavioural Insights Day

28 November 2019

Fokker Terminal, The Hague, Netherlands

Behavioural Insights Network Netherlands (BIN NL)

On Thursday 28 November 2019, BIN NL will organise the third Behavioural Insights Day. On this day, interested parties from all layers of public administration and science convene to gather knowledge, be inspired, and learn from one another. This year, a variety of activities will be organised during three rounds of parallel sessions. In addition to attending workshops, the participants will have an opportunity to attend talks or seek out partners for future collaboration.

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Science meets practice


8 July 2019

Parallel sessions

All parallel sessions consist of workshops, talks, and/or networking opportunities, depending on the number of proposals

Thirty different workshops

Possible workshop topics include how to present the results of a study, to put a methodological issue on the agenda (what are you confronted with when setting up a field experiment?), or how to use a behavioural analysis tool. Proposals for workshops in which attention will be paid to umbrella themes such as the long-term effects of behavioural interventions or the way public-private partnerships deal with ethical dilemmas can also be submitted. Sessions may consist of one or two short presentations, but may also take the form of a panel discussion, a general debate with those attending, or an interactive workshop. The one-hour sessions will allow time for both presentation/information exchange (30-45 minutes) and interaction with the audience (15-30 minutes). It is expected that each session will be attended by some thirty participants.

Two or three talks

The subject of the talks will be a showcase application of behavioural science in a relevant context, for instance application on the basis of the latest scientific insights or practical experience. More than the workshops the talks will emphasize on sending information and less on interaction. Please make clear in your proposal which messages you would like to pass to the audience. The guideline for the duration of the talks is 45-50 minutes for the presentation and 10-15 minutes for questions. It is expected that the talks will be attended by some 100-150 participants.

Networking session

The networking session on the Behavioural Insights Day 2019 offers great opportunities for meeting others involved in the science or practice of behavioural insights. They will undoubtedly be a source for collaboration and, for example, result in participants setting up a field experiment together, thus creating the possibility to use scientific knowledge in practice. Obviously, the different disciplines may learn from one another as well. Your proposal may contain your questions and/or what you have to offer. What subject are you currently working on? Why is it interesting to others? Do you have any concrete questions? And for what activities would you like to collaborate with others? Expected number of participants: 100-150.


  • Indicate for which subsession type the proposal is submitted (talk, workshop, networking session)
  • For workshops, indicate the format (presentation, debate, panel discussion, interactive workshop et cetera)
  • Indicate the main subject (behavioural theory/science or application/practice of behavioural insights or both)
  • State personal and other data of person or persons (maximum 3) who will be in charge of the subsession: name(s), organisation, email address(es), telephone number(s)


  • Proposals may only be submitted by governmental organisations or scientific institutes. If a commercial enterprise has been hired to carry out the research or parts of it, this party may co-present
  • Proposals and subsessions are to be in Dutch or English
  • Acceptance depends on contents of the proposal, available space, and nature of the programme as a whole


Please fill in the form before 8 July 2019. You can address any questions or remarks to